The Todd Family

I have always found John and all his staff to be caring and efficient. They also show concern for the people attached to the animals in their care.

Dr J.D.B Rees

Over the last ten years, Grappenhall veterinary centre has provided my little dog (Shirley) and me with an excellent veterinary service. The staff are clinically good, helpful, and friendly. They are also sympathetic to the emotional state of the pet and the concerns of its owner, especially when the former is seriously ill.


My name is Merlin. I am an eight years old Pemrokeshire Corgie. I have a sister called Myfanwy who is seven years old. We have been coming to the Grappenhall Veterinary Centre since we were puppies. We have both been by ambulance to Penketh for x-rays. They looked after us very well. Myfanwy is a frequent visitor to the surgery because she is always eating windfall apples or discarded pies which she finds under hedges. I am a good boy and do not do this but I always accompany her and look after her. Even when we are unwell and need injections or the indignity of having our temperatures taken we are still pleased to see the veterinary nurses and veterinary surgeons, especially Louise who gives us doggy treats. We have a friend called Chloe who is very small and has to have a special urinary diet. Her mum is very glad that there is such a good veterinary practice in the area.

Jacqui Birnie

I have nothing but praise for John and his staff. My two dogs and my past and present cats have always received gold standard care. One of the dogs and now one of the cats have also benefited tremendously from John’s excellent orthopaedic skills. The care and attention which now goes back 13 years has enabled them to live long and happy lives. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Maple Vets.

Edith Howel

My dogs (and fosters) have been treated at Maple Vets for a number of years now. In all that time John and his staff have been professional, compassionate and patient. They looked after my dogs well from the day they arrived until, sadly, we had to let them go. I can not praise them enough and have and will carry on recommending them to all my friends, both personal and in the various dog rescues we support. Thank you for all you have done for my dogs in the past and no doubt will continue in the future.

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