Older Cats

Progress in veterinary medicine over the past few years has led to many of our cats leading longer, healthier lives. Every day at our practice we see cats that are considered to be in the 'older' age group - which in the feline world is around the age of 11 years and older. We even see a few elderly feline friends over the age of 21. To put this into context, if they were human they would have received a telegram from the queen by now!

Of course with advancing years there is an increased incidence of age-related disease. Some of the most common changes that you may notice at home that should prompt a visit to the vet include:

  • Increased thirst and/or urination
  • Weight loss
  • Increased or decreased appetite
  • Overlong nails
  • Poor coat quality/mats in the coat
  • Changes in behaviour

It is difficult sometimes for an owner to spot if their cat is feeling unwell or is painful because it is in the nature of many cats just to be slightly quieter or to sleep a bit more. This is of course what a lot of healthy cats like to do anyway! For this reason, we recommend bringing cats aged 11 years and above for an older cat check up. Some of the more common diseases we see in this age group include:

  • Kidney disease
  • Arthritis
  • Dental disease
  • Hyperthryoidism
  • High blood pressure
  • Heart disease

All of these diseases are potentially very serious, but once diagnosed can be managed effectively in the vast majority of cases to improve the quality and quantity of life for your feline friend.

Our older cat check ups include a thorough clinical examination to check for the above diseases amongst others, as well as addressing any other concerns that you may have and providing advice about how to care for your cat in his or her older years. We also carry out a blood pressure measurement and ask you to bring a urine sample from your cat which helps to give us more information about kidney disease. If deemed necessary by the vet we will also take a blood sample at the time of the check up to further investigate any potential problems.

The older cat check up

Cost of double length consultation; blood pressure measurement; urine analysis: £50

Cost of blood sample: £40

The above prices represent a discount of over 40%.  Please contact us by phone to make an appointment for an older cat check up.  You will need to collect a bag of 'katkor' from us before the appointment so that you are able to bring the urine sample with you.  Our nurses will be happy to explain the procedure for this over the phone.  Don't worry too much if you are unable to collect a sample from your cat - this is something we can do at the clinic if necessary.

How old is your cat?

Cat age (years) Human age (years)
1 15
4 32
7 44
11 60
13 68
15 76
17 84
19 92
21 100