Dental Health

One of the most prevalent health problems we see in dogs and cats is dental disease.  As anyone reading this who has suffered from tooth ache will testify, dental disease can be very painful.  In addition to this, the infection associated with tooth decay can spread to other parts of the body, in particular the heart and kidneys.  Therefore, as well as being one of the most common health problems we see it is also one of the most important.

Signs that you may notice at home that can be caused by dental disease include:

  • Inappetance or difficulty in eating/favouring softer foods
  • Pawing at the mouth
  • Excessive drooling
  • Halitosis (malodorous breath)
  • Weight loss

If you are concerned that your dog or cat may be suffering from dental disease, please give us a ring in order to book a free dental check appointment so that a vet can check to see if a dental is necessary. In your pet does require a dental, we will then book them in as a day patient.  They are given a general anaesthetic and then all teeth are given a thorough scale and polish and any extractions performed that may be necessary. 

Because many of these patients are older, we advise a pre-anaesthetic blood test on the day of the dental, as well as placing them on an intravenous drip during the procedure in order to minimise the risk of the anaesthetic as much as possible. The additional cost of this is £30.

If you are concerned about dental disease in your pet please phone the surgery to book a free dental check appointment.