How much does it cost?

Our standard consultation is for 10 minutes, we feel this is necessary to perform a thorough examination and have proper conversation with you.

In the UK, we are lucky enough to have our own healthcare provided by the NHS, as a result many people have little understanding how much healthcare and drugs really cost. There is no pet equivalent to the NHS, although charities such as the PDSA and RSPCA are sometimes able to offer assistance to owners on state benefits. Their assistance is usualyy dependent on stringent means testing and only covers certain postcodes. Most households, even those on low incomes, are ineligible for their support.

The cost of caring for a sick pet can quickly mount up, especially if they need to see a specialist, or have long term conditions such as skin disease or diabetes. With comprehensive health cover from a good insurance provider, you will have peace of mind that whatever the circumstances, all your decisions can be based on what is best for your pet and your family.



I have been visiting Maple Vets since I was a little girl and first moved to Penketh back in the late 80s. When my beloved border collie Brutus started to deteriorate at the grand old age of 17, Mr Cartwright gave us his personal number to call him. We unfortunately needed it early one Sunday morning. Without hesitation Mr Cartwright met us at the Grappenhall practice and put Brutus to sleep and out of pain. My family then returned with several further pets including my little sister's hamsters, rabbits and our current family dogs Che and Halo! Little did I know that as I grew up I would be buying a house right opposite the vets in which I now visit with my husband's beloved dog Max. All the staff have always been friendly, professional and kind. The staff genuinely have a love of animals. I couldn't recommend this vets practice any higher.
Mrs Simpson

Maple/Grappenhall has looked after our dog Arran and now my cat Raccoon for years. They monitor Raccoon each time he comes up from the South, once a month, and have helped save his life a number of times. There is a reason they are his prime vet and the fact I make the effort to travel a 400+ miles each time says it all. You could not get better care anywhere. Also given Rac goes on holiday to Suffolk/Cornwall each year and the vets there know or have known John shows how far his fame has travelled! I am very grateful to all the team as they not only treat the pet, but also the human by default. All the support staff are also amazing. Thank you a million times.
Deb Bell with Raccoon

Our guinea pig Speedy had an enormous abscess under her chin. John at Maple Vets knew immediately what it was and lanced it. Speedy had antibiotics and a couple of injections to help her recovery and some special food to get her eating again. Speedy is now back to her normal self - eating like mad and playing with her sister guinea pigs and calling to us every night for food when she hears us come home. She runs very fast which is why we called her Speedy! Thank you John and your team for all the care you gave to Speedy. You're brilliant.
Julie Cunningham with Speedy