Maple Vets Pet of the Month....Grey!

December 2014


Pet of the Month goes to…….


Grey Cassidy

Grey is a 13 year old Chinchilla and has been coming to the practice since 2012, she is well known by all of the members of staff.

Back in 2012 Grey came in to see out head Vet John to have a dental, she came to our practice with a long history of dental issues.

Grey's molar teeth were not being worn down in the correct way and this was creating painful spurs which were pinching her cheeks.

Grey comes in every few months to have her teeth rasped and clipped to make them smoother and more comfortable.

The owners are aware of the different signs that Grey shows when her teeth are needing a trim, she become slightly lethargic and her appetite changes.



Please be aware of the following:

Has your Chinchilla eating habits changed?

Does your Chinchilla prefer to eat softer foods? (Vegetables or fruits)

Does your Chinchilla refuse some parts of its diet? (Hay/grass)

Is your Chinchilla dropping food out no his/her mouth?

Has your Chinchilla got wet fur around his/her mouth/eyes?

Has your Chinchilla got any swellings on his/her face?

Does your Chinchilla mouth smell any different from usual?

Can you see your Chinchilla front teeth with his/her mouth closed?

Please contact the practice for a consultation with one of our Vets to check your Chinchilla teeth.