Maple Vets Pet of the Month.......Sophie!

This month we have decided to award Sophie the Persian cat title 'Pet Of The Month'. Sophie first came to see us back in March after she had become very unwell, on examination the vet could feel a mass in her abdomen and blood tests showed that Sophie had very low red blood cells. Sophie was taken straight to surgery for an Exploratory Laparotomy. During surgery the abdominal mass was removed from Sophie's bowel and we sent it away to an external laboratory for diagnosis. The results confirmed that Sophie had alimentary Lymphoma a type of gastrointestinal cancer. We kept Sophie hospitalised as she had stopped eating and was losing weight, she received intensive nursing care and was fed through a tube placed in her nose down into her oesophagus. However before Sophie could begin chemotherapy treatment we had to wait for her red blood cells to regenerate. It is this regeneration that can be affected by chemotherapy treatment as the drugs we use target rapidly dividing cells such as cancer cells, but also rapidly dividing cells in other parts of the body such as the bone marrow, as a result the bone marrow produces fewer red blood cells which can lead to anaemia. Therefore throughout Sophie's treatment she has had regular blood tests so we can monitor her number of red blood cells. When Sophie was well enough we began her chemotherapy treatment, for Sophie this involves a 25 week protocol which includes a number of different chemotherapy drugs which all act in different ways to target the cancer cells. Some of the drugs are given intravenously others are oral medications. The chemotherapy drugs used are the same used for human patients but in our animal patients we use lower doses so the side effects are less severe and less common than with humans. The quality of life in our animal patients is generally very good and the chemotherapy in some cases can prolong the life of our patients for a significant amount of time compared with no treatment at all. Sophie has been doing really well on her chemotherapy and is currently up to week 19 of her protocol she has put on some weight and is eating well. She was a very popular choice among the staff here at Maple Vets as Sophie is a real character and we think she is very brave for undergoing such major treatment! We also feel chemotherapy is a big decision for the owner to so we would also like to congratulate Mrs Worral for being a fantastic owner and taking great care of Sophie!