Maple Vets Pet of the Month ... Casper!

Casper is an 18 month old Tabby cat who has been coming to the Grappenhall

branch since 2013.

He was always seen by the nurses wandering around the front of the surgery. He has lots of character as he follows his owners to the school to drop off the children in the morning.

Back in December Casper was unfortunately hit by a car along the same road as his lived. The owner saw this happen and ran to get the Louise the Veterinary Surgeon to assist with the emergency.

Casper had managed to hide away under the shed of the owners' back garden and it took some time to rescue him. Casper was taken back to the Grappenhall branch and placed on a intravenous fluid drip, oxygen therapy and administered pain relief to stabilise his situation.

Once he was comfortable he was transferred to the Maple branch to have some radiographs taken of his chest/abdomen/pelvis and injured right hindleg.

Casper had fractured his right hindleg and needed surgery to allow it to heal correctly, he had also injured his femur/hip joint which didn't need surgery, but needed to be monitored in case it became worse over time.

Casper had the surgery and was put in a cast and strict cage rest for 4-6 weeks until the follow up radiographs.

Casper has now had his cast removed and has recently been allowed out of cage rest, but has to remain indoors for a few more weeks.