Maple Vets Pet of the Month.......Barney!

We have decided to award Barney the title of 'Pet of the Month' for after he has recently undergone major surgery! Barney first came to see us after he had stopped eating and had started vomiting. After talking to his owners we were concerned that Barney may have swallowed something that had become stuck in his intestines. To investigate further we took some x-rays of Barneys' abdomen. We can often see a foreign body on x-ray film especially metal objects however softer objects and material do not show up as well. Barneys' x-rays confirmed that he had 2 strands of wire stuck in his intestines! We took Barney to surgery to remove the 2 pieces of wire. The wires had actually perforated Barneys' intestines and part of his intestine had started to die so this unhealthy tissue had to be removed. This surgery is referred to as a resection and anastomosis. Removing a foreign body can be a risky surgery as after the operation the wounds can sometimes breakdown because the gut has been damaged by the blockage. This can cause an infection in the abdomen called peritonitis; this is a very serious condition. Therefore during surgery we do everything we can to try and prevent infection. The wounds in the gut have to be checked thoroughly and the abdomen is lavaged with many litres of sterile saline to dilute and wash away any bacteria. Barney was also given intravenous antibiotics during and after his operation. Unfortunately for Barney the foreign body also caused a very painful condition called Pancreatitis. Barney was frequently vomiting and was reluctant to eat. Barney spent a number of days hospitalised while he recovered and so we could treat his symptoms. All the Nurses spent lots of time tempting Barney to eat with everything from cat food to yoghurt! Now back home with his loving family Barney is starting to make a good recovery and his owners are pleased that his appetite is slowly returning.

Oh and in case you were wondering the two pieces of wire turned out to be part of some fairy lights!

The whole team at Maple vets would like to wish Barney a speedy recovery and congratulate him on being such a brave dog!!