Maple Vets Pet of the Month....Arnold!


January 2015

Pet of the Month goes to.....


Arnold Marklove


Arnold is a 11 year old handsome black labrador. He has been coming into the practice since 2012. He is an active old lad who enjoys his walks in the park, swimming in the streams and playing with socks. 

Arnold has arthritis in all of his legs and it is being controlled with Metacam (anti-inflammatory). He regularly comes in for checks and it is always a pleasure to see him.

Arnold was referred to the hydrotherapy unit over at our Grappenhall branch to help increase his mobility using the water treadmill and small exercises with which his owner can carry on at home.

Arnold really enjoyed his hydrotherapy sessions and came on a weekly bases. Then one week the owner brought Arnold into see our Head veterinary surgeon John to examine his left foreleg as he was not bearing any weight on it. He was admitted for a lameness work up and to take some radiographs.

The results showed that Arnold was very painful on his shoulder and John seemed to think it that it may be connected to spinal issues of that area. Arnold was referred to the MRI scanning machine to have a better view of his shoulder and spine. It was then discovered that Arnold's nerve was causing his lameness and pain, and that be removing the nerve should resolve this problem.

He came back in for the major surgery in December 2014, the surgery was a success and Arnold is currently on his way to a full recovery.

Arnold is back to his happy and energetic self.