Maple Vets Pet of the Month ....Toby!

Pet/slimmer of the month goes to .... Toby!

Toby is a handsome 5 year old labrador retriever and he has been coming to our Grappenhall branch since 2010.  He is a very active and energetic boy and has had a fair few accidents including several cut pads while swimming in his favourite pond.

Back in 2011 Toby was a healthy weight of 37Kg (5st 8lb) and he had a visible waist and tucked in belly.  As the years went by Toby's weight was starting to increase and at a routine health check in July this year he weighed 42.5Kg (6st 6lbs)!

Senior Vet Louise was concerned for Toby's health.  There was a risk that he could develop health issues due to being overweight such as diabetes, arthritis and heart disease.  

Toby's owner was advised to put him on a strict diet and increase his daily exercise.  As part of this, Toby was taken swimming to a local dog pool.  

Toby has reached his overall target of 37Kg (5st 8lb) and has lost an amazing total of 5.5Kg (12lbs)!!!  He has decreased his risk of health issues and has become even more energetic than before.  He now has a slim line waist again and tucked in belly!