Maple Vets Pet of the Month ....Poppy!

On 9th July, Poppy came into our Grappenhall practice with multiple injuries caused by a road traffic accident.  

Her injuries included a fractured jaw, trauma to her left eye, a broken toe and degloving injuries to her leg and tail.  

Poppy was in shock and was treated with intravenous fluids and pain relief and monitored closely by the nurses until she was stable enough to go into surgery.  

Senior veterinary surgeon Louise wired Poppy's jaw together and debrided her left hind leg to allow fresh tissue growth.  Her leg was then bandaged to protect it from the environment and to allow healing.  

Poppy has been coming back to the practice regularly for a bandage change and has been very well behaved.  

Two months after her accident Poppy has finally been able to have her bandage off and is on the way to a full recovery.  

She is still coming into the practice to have checks on her leg and tail.  All the nurses and vets are very happy to see how well Poppy has done.