Maple Vets Pet of the Month......Gilly!

For February we have awarded pet of the month to Gilly the 2 Year old lurcher. He is extremely popular here among the staff at maple vets, and Gilly has been through so much these last couple of months we thought it only right to award him the title!

Back in September Gilly was brought to us by his owners after he had been hit by a car. X-rays of Gilly's left leg revealed a dislocation and fracture of his hip. Gilly was taken to surgery to fix the very complex fracture; this involved the insertion of a pin into his hip joint. Following surgery was sent home with strong pain relief and had to be on strict rest for 4 weeks to allow his hip to heal. After 4 weeks Gilly had the pin removed and the vet recommended he start hydrotherapy to get him using his leg again. Gilly started hydrotherapy sessions and at first made encouraging steps however unfortunately after a few sessions it became apparent that Gilly was finding hydrotherapy very hard and tiring and he had begun to overcompensate with his other back leg. Sadly it became clear that Gilly's leg was just too damaged from the accident and he was not going to use it again. After long conversations with John the vet his owners made the very tough but kind decision to amputate Gilly's leg. Although this was a hard decision and sad for all involved in Gilly's care, Mr and Mrs Pennington and the whole team here at Maple Vets knew that this would enable Gilly to continue to live a full and happy life free from any pain and with Gilly being such a young, fit and healthy dog we knew he would cope extremely well on 3 legs.

The team here at Maple would like to congratulate Gilly on his bravery because despite all he's been through he still comes into the surgery and greets us with a wag and a happy face! Well done Gilly!