Purpose Built Surgical Facilities

Our vets are experienced surgeons who perform a wide range of surgery from routine procedures such as spays and castrations to more complex soft tissue and orthopaedic surgery. It is incredibly important to us, as we know it is to you, that everything is done to make sure our surgical procedures as safe and successful as possible.  For this reason we have purpose built surgical facilities and all of our vets pride themselves in keeping up to date with the latest advances and techniques in this field.

Imaging Suite

Completed in 2012, our dedicated imaging suite is used when our patients need xrays or ultrasound scans.  This means that it is essential to help us diagnose a multitude of conditions, from orthopaedic diseases to cardiology cases.  We have recently invested in the most up to date ultrasound scanning and digital xray systems, helping us to provide the highest standard of care for our patients.

Hydrotherapy and Rehabilitation Suite

Situated at our Grappenhall practice but available to all our patients, our hydrotherapy treadmill is used alongside other physiotherapy techniques by our chartered animal physiotherapy colleagues from equine and canine solutions. This has proved extremely beneficial to many of our patients with orthopaedic disease, particularly those being rehabilitated after orthopaedic surgery such as cruciate ligament surgery.

Dedicated Cat and Dog Wards

We have separate hospitalisation wards for dogs and cats which enables us to provide for their differing needs and to make their time with us as comfortable as possible. In particular, our feline patients are much more content when not placed nearby any dogs!

Ambulance Collection and Return Service

For those clients who have difficulty in bringing their pet to our surgeries, we are able to offer an ambulance service to collect them from your home.

Modern Dispensary and Consulting Rooms

Our consulting rooms are spacious and fully equipped so that we can examine your pet safely and thoroughly. Our modern dispensaries mean that we are able to provide your pet with the medicines he or she may need without delay.